Project: bodypARTs


All of us are puzzles. Millions of different pieces, somehow held together as a unique whole.

bodypARTs takes that whole and breaks it up again, focusing on each individual facet in exquisite detail.

I’ve mocked up the kind of thing I’d like to do for this project here, although obviously it would all be from the same person!


Let me know if you’d like to get involved… As always, the only charge I make is for your time and enthusiasm and you could end up with something beautiful for your efforts.

Lucky me!

Hello everyone,

I really have been so lucky with the people I am meeting through my photography projects. Have just spent a most delightful morning with Lily, who was very patient whilst I worked out how to use some equipment that I have had donated to me – thanks, Lily!

I was also given a green screen, so we’ve tried plenty of shots against that – not sure how they’ll turn out as yet, but – as always – the results will be posted here shortly, so be sure to check back soon…

Time to upload from the camera and see what we’ve got – good times!

Sam x

Meet: Rachel


Date of shoot: 23rd March 2012

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Rachel was a gift from the heavens – such a bright girl, so bubbly and so enthusiastic with an infectious sense of humour and a stonking attitude to life. Beautiful too.

We started off our time together working on CONTRASTING~emotions, but very quickly got side-tracked into terribly interesting vignettes and segues – which, I hope you’ll agree, have produced some great shots.

Apologies, though, for the length of this post – there were so many good or interesting photos that I found it too difficult to cull them, so I’ve included all the ones I like! Hope you’ll bear with me…

I’ve also posted some of them in black & white – do you think they work? Do you prefer them to the colour ones?

I very much hope to work with Rachel again and have already started thinking about some ideas that I’d like to try (and some I’d like to re-visit) …

As always, a wonderful thank you to Rachel for giving up her time and energy!

Sam x

Meet: Cassandra


Date of shoot: 23rd March 2012

Cassandra is an actress, and a skilled one at that – you can certainly tell from the pictures that she was able to get ‘in the moment’, and all with very little direction from me…

She doesn’t normally pose for photos, so I really appreciate the opportunity – and the advice from a ‘seasoned pro’ on how to improve my sessions :)

As always, these are my favourites – to be compiled into CONTRASTING~emotions in due course…

Hope you enjoy them,

Sam x

Not sure it gets better than this…

Well, after my post at lunch time, I wasn’t sure the day could get any better – however, it did!

I spent a glorious afternoon with Rachel – one of the most photogenic and gorgeous girls I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet; with a wonderful personality to boot!

I can’t wait to post the photos on-line from our shoot. We kind of got lost from the projects and, I’m afraid, there are a LOT of close-ups – as I loved her eyes and smile – but I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too…

We had the strangest moment too – she asked me ‘how many shots can you take and when does the camera get full’ literally on the shot when the camera got full; talk about spooky!

A big THANK YOU to both of my models today – truly inspiring.

Sam x

Another exciting day!

I am just so fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded people, interested in creating something from nothing and enjoying the process of doing so.

Not to mention the great weather we have in London today – what could be better than zipping around London, enjoying the sunshine and meeting new and exciting people?

The morning has been fantastic as I got to work with Cassandra on the CONTRASTING~emotions project. This afternoon promises to be good too, with a meeting with Rachel on the cards that will hopefully include some outdoor shots and perhaps a delve into a project or two of mine…

As soon as the pictures are ready, I’ll pop them up here :)

Sam x