Meet: Nikki


Date of shoot: 11th May 2012

Well, today saw the first of my ‘adult’ shoots and what a lot of fun it was. Nikki is one of the most relaxed models I’ve ever met and was extremely open during our session together.

I definitely enjoyed shooting some more ‘adult’ inspired images – I think we’ve managed to capture some excellent ones here. Please get in touch if you too would like to have a go…

Sam x

Meet: Maya


Date of shoot: 14th / 15th April 2012

I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with Maya, a delightful young model from ‘up north’ who kindly agreed to travel down to meet me on the coach – thanks for enduring that journey, Maya!

Maya was extremely enthusiastic and generous throughout our shoot, participating freely with all of my suggestions and coming up with many of her own. She’s amazing at styling herself (arriving with a multitude of clothing options) and a whizz at doing her own make-up and hair. Nothing was too much trouble.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Given the extended shooting schedule, we were able to fully relax and get to know each other even more than normal… Good times I’ll never forget.

Sam x