Anna, 23, English – Video on-line…

Anna 23 English

Date of shoot: 26th March 2013

I didn’t realise that ‘blurring’ someone’s face in a video was quite so time consuming – especially when their head is moving so much due to blow job activities!

Still, it really was a lot of fun to re-live my time with Anna – frame by frame by frame… I love watching her body language change as we get more intimate, not to mention those gorgeous, perky tits and smooth, shaven pussy.

Plus, it never fails to make me hard all over again watching my cock (yes, I’m shaven too) slide inside someone so innocent looking. I’m getting a little hard as I write this too, actually… ;)

I’ve never posted a video before, so if someone wants to try it and let me know if it works then I’d be happy to give the first responder a code to freeview the next video I post.

Enjoy the sunshine, people – looks like Spring might finally be here! Hopefully that means even more possibilities for the Country Girls Project to pursue…

Sam x