Meet: Nicole (2)


Date of shoot: 11th April 2014

Nicole and I met at the ‘sumptuous’ Holiday Inn Express in Cambridge, although the room served us well.

A delightful young girl – very chatty and friendly, with multiple tattoos and piercings as you can see.

We managed to shoot most of what we set out to do – some under_WEAR, a sequence for artistic+VOYEURISTIC, a few for $HARDcore$ and – as always – a couple for THE>moment; not too bad for less than a couple of hours of effort!

She did lose her nerve a little towards the end of the shoot, but that’s totally understandable in such an environment. I think she did really well – what do you think?

The editing took a little while, but I managed to find time to get it finished this past weekend. I hope you enjoy my selection of shots of Nicole!

Sam x

Haiku cycle

… and now for something completely different!

Marc and I have been chatting over the past 24 hours and I’ve discovered that in addition to his photography, he’s a particularly creative writer too.

I was privileged to read a short story of his, plus one ‘in the works’, and also a few of his poems. He’s given me his kind permission to publish one of them here – thanks, Marc!


The Cycle

your lips taste of hard
smoke and desire, soft promise
of dew and laughter

hands touch my face
leave no tracks but on the snow
butterflies will come

your nipple, a nut
rolls between my hard lips
eyes crinkle, smile

the petals unfold
your heady scent draws me
to sweet saltiness

hair on the pillow
maple browns and yellows
memory wiped clear

when butterflies come
think of my softest touch
like lips on paper

no scent of you
has remained on my body
lest I forget


I hope you enjoyed this short interlude? Normal service will be resumed shortly…

Sam x