Contributor: Jeremy Cadman


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome Jeremy Cadman to the site – welcome, Jeremy!

Jeremy first came to my attention when posting some absolutely gorgeous pictures from his Student 1 series into the Amateur Nude Photography Google+ Community (unfortunately they had to be moderated due to Google’s Image Guidelines, but fortunately you can now see them on his Contributor’s Gallery).

Thankfully this lead to further conversation about his portfolio and the welcome addition of some of his work to this site. I very much look forward to seeing some more in the future…

Talking of which, if you’d like to get involved in his project, the following invitation comes from the man himself:

I’d like to host a long running theme with the title First Timers.

I only work with people who have not worked with another photographer and who expressly say they want to keep their clothes on.

The challenge to change ‘attitude’ and ‘delivery’ accepted by both parties always provides fascinating results.

If you’d like to get in touch with Jeremy,  simply drop me a line and I’ll be sure to pass on your message (and eagerly await any subsequent photoshoot!).

Sam x

Kate, 21, English


Date of shoot: 25th July 2014

I met Kate at her flat in Cambridge on a hot, sunny afternoon. A friendly, chatty, open, lithe and super sexy short-haired girl.

We started chatting when she responded to a “watch me (CFNM)” advert I’d posted on Craigslist, but throughout the course of our correspondence it quickly became clear that she was up for a little more than that.

How much more though, I wasn’t quite prepared for. As I said, the purpose of our meet was for her to watch me get naked, but she was the first to unrobe. Luckily I managed to capture this impromptu ‘striptease’ on camera for us all to enjoy.

I then asked her if she would mind masturbating for me as I’ve always wanted to capture that on film. She didn’t need asking twice (thankfully). There are some shots of her cute, perfectly trimmed pussy (which tasted delicious too, btw) – both playing with her sumptuous lips and with fingers inserted! I’ve some video too, so once that’s edited I’ll get it posted.

You can imagine that all this got me going quite a lot, so I did finally get naked. As I’d been ‘kind enough’ to eat her out to orgasm, she reciprocated with a delightful BJ (including a wonderful ‘deep throat’ move that she does). If there were awards given for enthusiasm, she would definitely win one!

Finally, and much against my wildest expectations, she mounted me. After a while, she informed me that she ‘preferred anal’, so we swapped positions, raised her legs and went for it! It felt amazing.

As you can imagine, I’m very much enjoying the Country Girls Project. If you, or anyone you know, might like to get involved then please do get in touch.

Sam x

Meet: Bianca & Bobby


Date of shoot: 23rd April 2014

Bianca & Bobby are about the most delightful and in-love couple you will ever meet. I felt truly honoured to be invited to photograph, film and participate in their love-making session.

Bobby was the one who contacted me, sounding out the opportunity for them to be filmed as a couple, but this quickly became a “and we’d like you to get involved too” conversation. Needless to say, I was intrigued…

Pre-shoot communication went without a hitch and the meet on the day was chilled, easy and relaxed. I couldn’t have asked for more friendly and welcoming hosts.

As you can see from the photos, I spent quite some time behind the camera watching and directing these two together. There is a video to accompany this series too (featuring yours truly!), which I’ll get posted soon…

I hope you enjoy my first foray into [couplesTHERAPY] – hopefully there’ll be many more to come!

Sam x

Update! (finally)

Hi all,

It’s been quite some time since I last posted, so apologies for the hiatus – I do have news though and, like when you’re waiting for a bus, there’s lots all at once!

1. I have a shoot… today! I am due to meet with Kate, 21, English who I will be shooting as part of the Country Girls Project. This one is super exciting as she wants me to “get naked too” to help “calm her nerves” – and who am I to say no?!

2. I haven’t blogged about it as yet (as they asked me not to until now), but I met up with a lovely couple – Bianca & Bobby – way back in April who wanted me to photograph and film their love-making session. Thankfully, they too asked me to partake in the ‘festivities’. Photos coming real soon and video edited and ready, so keep your eyes peeled for those being posted. I can’t think of a better way to start off [couplesTHERAPY] !

3. Finally, some really exciting news about a new Contributor coming to this site shortly – Jeremy Cadman will be joining us with some shots from his First Timers series. This promises to be very exciting and I simply cannot wait to see some more of his excellent work…

So, there you have it – for now, at least. More – much more – to come in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Sam x