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Jeremy #4

Student 3-3 007_sm

It’s been over a month since we’ve had an update from Jeremy - not through his own doing, mind, but by mine. I’ve been a little poorly recently and not been on-line as much as I had hoped, but I’m back now with a vengeance! So… a big “thank you” again to Jeremy for these images and for being patient whilst I get them uploaded!

As always, I’ve picked a favourite from this little selection.  Aside from seeing a bit more of the gorgeous Legal SecretaryStudent 3 has really caught my eye – she seems so ‘cheeky’ and ‘knowing’, whilst at the same time retaining that innocence that only comes from youth.

We also have Make-up Artist 1 who, it seems, plays an integral role behind the scenes in the shoots and, I propose, also looks great in front of the lens!

Sam x

Contributor: Collin Allen


I was introduced to Collin through his highly stylised images posted in the Amateur Nude Photography Google+ Community, which I found intriguing and beguiling, however the story and motivation behind these is even more interesting!

Take a look at his Contributor’s Gallery where he explains it in more detail than I ever could – an interesting and fascinating read…

Also, something for the ladies (finally?) – our first male model makes an appearance!

Sam x

More Jeremy…

Life Guard 05

It amazes and astounds me how much care and attention people take over their work and it is often this meticulous detail and precision that sets one person apart from another.

I say this because I have just received some more photo sets from Jeremy together with some exhaustive and fascinating notes to accompany each of them. I highly recommend having a read through of each and every one of them – having the background and context for each shoot and understanding the motivation and journey of each model only serves to make the photos themselves even more enjoyable.

I think there is a lot we can all learn from the approach outlined here – I know I will certainly be taking a lot of lessons on-board…

Sam x

Contributor: Jeremy Cadman


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome Jeremy Cadman to the site – welcome, Jeremy!

Jeremy first came to my attention when posting some absolutely gorgeous pictures from his Student 1 series into the Amateur Nude Photography Google+ Community (unfortunately they had to be moderated due to Google’s Image Guidelines, but fortunately you can now see them on his Contributor’s Gallery).

Thankfully this lead to further conversation about his portfolio and the welcome addition of some of his work to this site. I very much look forward to seeing some more in the future…

Talking of which, if you’d like to get involved in his project, the following invitation comes from the man himself:

I’d like to host a long running theme with the title First Timers.

I only work with people who have not worked with another photographer and who expressly say they want to keep their clothes on.

The challenge to change ‘attitude’ and ‘delivery’ accepted by both parties always provides fascinating results.

If you’d like to get in touch with Jeremy,  simply drop me a line and I’ll be sure to pass on your message (and eagerly await any subsequent photoshoot!).

Sam x

Update! (finally)

Hi all,

It’s been quite some time since I last posted, so apologies for the hiatus – I do have news though and, like when you’re waiting for a bus, there’s lots all at once!

1. I have a shoot… today! I am due to meet with Kate, 21, English who I will be shooting as part of the Country Girls Project. This one is super exciting as she wants me to “get naked too” to help “calm her nerves” – and who am I to say no?!

2. I haven’t blogged about it as yet (as they asked me not to until now), but I met up with a lovely couple – Bianca & Bobby – way back in April who wanted me to photograph and film their love-making session. Thankfully, they too asked me to partake in the ‘festivities’. Photos coming real soon and video edited and ready, so keep your eyes peeled for those being posted. I can’t think of a better way to start off [couplesTHERAPY] !

3. Finally, some really exciting news about a new Contributor coming to this site shortly – Jeremy Cadman will be joining us with some shots from his First Timers series. This promises to be very exciting and I simply cannot wait to see some more of his excellent work…

So, there you have it – for now, at least. More – much more – to come in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Sam x

Haiku cycle

… and now for something completely different!

Marc and I have been chatting over the past 24 hours and I’ve discovered that in addition to his photography, he’s a particularly creative writer too.

I was privileged to read a short story of his, plus one ‘in the works’, and also a few of his poems. He’s given me his kind permission to publish one of them here – thanks, Marc!


The Cycle

your lips taste of hard
smoke and desire, soft promise
of dew and laughter

hands touch my face
leave no tracks but on the snow
butterflies will come

your nipple, a nut
rolls between my hard lips
eyes crinkle, smile

the petals unfold
your heady scent draws me
to sweet saltiness

hair on the pillow
maple browns and yellows
memory wiped clear

when butterflies come
think of my softest touch
like lips on paper

no scent of you
has remained on my body
lest I forget


I hope you enjoyed this short interlude? Normal service will be resumed shortly…

Sam x


In my travels around this World Wide Web of ours, I have exchanged pleasantries and made friends with a multitude of talented photographers.

Their work has given me a whole heap of pleasure and I am hoping to take the opportunity to share some of it with you.

Over the next few days / weeks / months, I will be approaching those who have most inspired me and asking them if they would be willing to become co-contributors to this site. I very much hope they do!

Sam x