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Kate, 21, English


Date of shoot: 25th July 2014

I met Kate at her flat in Cambridge on a hot, sunny afternoon. A friendly, chatty, open, lithe and super sexy short-haired girl.

We started chatting when she responded to a “watch me (CFNM)” advert I’d posted on Craigslist, but throughout the course of our correspondence it quickly became clear that she was up for a little more than that.

How much more though, I wasn’t quite prepared for. As I said, the purpose of our meet was for her to watch me get naked, but she was the first to unrobe. Luckily I managed to capture this impromptu ‘striptease’ on camera for us all to enjoy.

I then asked her if she would mind masturbating for me as I’ve always wanted to capture that on film. She didn’t need asking twice (thankfully). There are some shots of her cute, perfectly trimmed pussy (which tasted delicious too, btw) – both playing with her sumptuous lips and with fingers inserted! I’ve some video too, so once that’s edited I’ll get it posted.

You can imagine that all this got me going quite a lot, so I did finally get naked. As I’d been ‘kind enough’ to eat her out to orgasm, she reciprocated with a delightful BJ (including a wonderful ‘deep throat’ move that she does). If there were awards given for enthusiasm, she would definitely win one!

Finally, and much against my wildest expectations, she mounted me. After a while, she informed me that she ‘preferred anal’, so we swapped positions, raised her legs and went for it! It felt amazing.

As you can imagine, I’m very much enjoying the Country Girls Project. If you, or anyone you know, might like to get involved then please do get in touch.

Sam x

Meet: Nicole (2)


Date of shoot: 11th April 2014

Nicole and I met at the ‘sumptuous’ Holiday Inn Express in Cambridge, although the room served us well.

A delightful young girl – very chatty and friendly, with multiple tattoos and piercings as you can see.

We managed to shoot most of what we set out to do – some under_WEAR, a sequence for artistic+VOYEURISTIC, a few for $HARDcore$ and – as always – a couple for THE>moment; not too bad for less than a couple of hours of effort!

She did lose her nerve a little towards the end of the shoot, but that’s totally understandable in such an environment. I think she did really well – what do you think?

The editing took a little while, but I managed to find time to get it finished this past weekend. I hope you enjoy my selection of shots of Nicole!

Sam x

Meet: Avia


Date of shoot: 19th July 2013

I met Avia on a glorious summer’s day, which afforded us the luxury of doing some outdoor shoots.

I’d been wanting to shoot the cheerleader outfit for a while now, and I certainly think she managed to do it justice. I loved her other choice of clothing too.

Avia is a sweet girl with a fun attitude, plus a definite knack for conversation!

Sam x

Anna, 23, English – My first volunteer…


Date of shoot: 26th March 2013

What a way to kick off the Country Girls Project!

We met, as you can see, in her living room. Just a normal room in a normal house, but what treats in store.

Actually, there was one thing that made it a little odd – baby toys on the floor as we played. Still, that kind of added a frisson. As did the rings.

She was a little nervous as we got started and asked, on second thoughts, if I could please blur her face in the photos and video. Once I said I would, she tentatively stripped off.

I have to say, her whole physique was quite becoming. Tiny, perky tits quite hard in the coldness of the morning and a smooth, ‘no lips on show’ pussy to boot. Plus a cute little bum you could fit into the palms of your hands. It took a little persuasion, but she did eventually let me get some close-ups too.

Once she’d warmed up and relaxed, she asked if I would strip too – I agreed, of course; it was only fair after all. She then proceeded to suck me a little, after which she lay back and asked me to enter her.

We tried some anal too, but were not prepared and with no lube we couldn’t make it work. She commented that she enjoyed the wanton exhibitionism here as she spread her ass to welcome my cock (and the video camera) !

Our time together ended with a blow job. I particularly like the part where she oh-so-gently licks the tip of my cock. The finale is good too, with my cum peppering her curly locks.

I hope you enjoy meeting Anna as much as I did – it was truly a pleasure and a great way to confirm that this project does indeed have legs.

Sam x

Meet: Nikki


Date of shoot: 11th May 2012

Well, today saw the first of my ‘adult’ shoots and what a lot of fun it was. Nikki is one of the most relaxed models I’ve ever met and was extremely open during our session together.

I definitely enjoyed shooting some more ‘adult’ inspired images – I think we’ve managed to capture some excellent ones here. Please get in touch if you too would like to have a go…

Sam x

Meet: Maya


Date of shoot: 14th / 15th April 2012

I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with Maya, a delightful young model from ‘up north’ who kindly agreed to travel down to meet me on the coach – thanks for enduring that journey, Maya!

Maya was extremely enthusiastic and generous throughout our shoot, participating freely with all of my suggestions and coming up with many of her own. She’s amazing at styling herself (arriving with a multitude of clothing options) and a whizz at doing her own make-up and hair. Nothing was too much trouble.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Given the extended shooting schedule, we were able to fully relax and get to know each other even more than normal… Good times I’ll never forget.

Sam x

Meet: Amelie


Date of shoot: 14th April 2012

Well, it’s been a week since I met Amelie and I’m so glad to have had a chance to look through her photos and make something of some of them. I still want to work on the under_WEAR shots (and get rid of the green screen!), but I’m posting for now as she’s waited long enough!

As always, a big THANK YOU to her for getting involved with my projects. She’s a super young lady who was a joy to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation too :)

Sam x