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Meet: Rachel


Date of shoot: 23rd March 2012

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Rachel was a gift from the heavens – such a bright girl, so bubbly and so enthusiastic with an infectious sense of humour and a stonking attitude to life. Beautiful too.

We started off our time together working on CONTRASTING~emotions, but very quickly got side-tracked into terribly interesting vignettes and segues – which, I hope you’ll agree, have produced some great shots.

Apologies, though, for the length of this post – there were so many good or interesting photos that I found it too difficult to cull them, so I’ve included all the ones I like! Hope you’ll bear with me…

I’ve also posted some of them in black & white – do you think they work? Do you prefer them to the colour ones?

I very much hope to work with Rachel again and have already started thinking about some ideas that I’d like to try (and some I’d like to re-visit) …

As always, a wonderful thank you to Rachel for giving up her time and energy!

Sam x

Not sure it gets better than this…

Well, after my post at lunch time, I wasn’t sure the day could get any better – however, it did!

I spent a glorious afternoon with Rachel – one of the most photogenic and gorgeous girls I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet; with a wonderful personality to boot!

I can’t wait to post the photos on-line from our shoot. We kind of got lost from the projects and, I’m afraid, there are a LOT of close-ups – as I loved her eyes and smile – but I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too…

We had the strangest moment too – she asked me ‘how many shots can you take and when does the camera get full’ literally on the shot when the camera got full; talk about spooky!

A big THANK YOU to both of my models today – truly inspiring.

Sam x

Another exciting day!

I am just so fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded people, interested in creating something from nothing and enjoying the process of doing so.

Not to mention the great weather we have in London today – what could be better than zipping around London, enjoying the sunshine and meeting new and exciting people?

The morning has been fantastic as I got to work with Cassandra on the CONTRASTING~emotions project. This afternoon promises to be good too, with a meeting with Rachel on the cards that will hopefully include some outdoor shots and perhaps a delve into a project or two of mine…

As soon as the pictures are ready, I’ll pop them up here :)

Sam x