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Project: this=is=me


Who are you?

… and who are you really?

This project attempts to capture you – your heart, your soul, your passion, your worries, your greatest triumphs and your deepest regrets – in a single image.

So, what does that mean for you? Send me your answers to these questions and let’s try and capture your very essence on film…

Where is your favourite place? A park? A building? In the bath? In the arms of a loved one? Your bed?

What possessions would you include? A childhood toy? A ticket stub? Your iPhone?

What would you wear? A suit? A dress? Sweats? Pyjamas? Something sexy? Something slutty? Nothing?

How would you position your body? Standing? Sitting? Lying? Running? Jumping? Tense? Relaxed?

What face do you pull when you’re just being you? Happy? Melancholic? Confident? Thoughtful?

Think about these things, but don’t hide behind them – maybe clutter is your life, but maybe simple is better?


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