Contributor: Jeremy Cadman


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome Jeremy Cadman to the site – welcome, Jeremy!

Jeremy first came to my attention when posting some absolutely gorgeous pictures from his Student 1 series into the Amateur Nude Photography Google+ Community (unfortunately they had to be moderated due to Google’s Image Guidelines, but fortunately you can now see them on his Contributor’s Gallery).

Thankfully this lead to further conversation about his portfolio and the welcome addition of some of his work to this site. I very much look forward to seeing some more in the future…

Talking of which, if you’d like to get involved in his project, the following invitation comes from the man himself:

I’d like to host a long running theme with the title First Timers.

I only work with people who have not worked with another photographer and who expressly say they want to keep their clothes on.

The challenge to change ‘attitude’ and ‘delivery’ accepted by both parties always provides fascinating results.

If you’d like to get in touch with Jeremy,  simply drop me a line and I’ll be sure to pass on your message (and eagerly await any subsequent photoshoot!).

Sam x

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