Jeremy #4

Student 3-3 007_sm

It’s been over a month since we’ve had an update from Jeremy - not through his own doing, mind, but by mine. I’ve been a little poorly recently and not been on-line as much as I had hoped, but I’m back now with a vengeance! So… a big “thank you” again to Jeremy for these images and for being patient whilst I get them uploaded!

As always, I’ve picked a favourite from this little selection.  Aside from seeing a bit more of the gorgeous Legal SecretaryStudent 3 has really caught my eye – she seems so ‘cheeky’ and ‘knowing’, whilst at the same time retaining that innocence that only comes from youth.

We also have Make-up Artist 1 who, it seems, plays an integral role behind the scenes in the shoots and, I propose, also looks great in front of the lens!

Sam x

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