Jeremy – Veterinary Assistant 1

This model was the best friend of Hairdresser 1 and came along to watch one her photo sessions. She was keen to have a go but brought her mother along to meet me, probably expecting her mother to forbid her to take her clothes off. In contrast, her mother was encouraging her to “have a go”, saying what a lovely body she had, but the model was insistent she didn’t want to go topless. Her mother came along to her first session; I’m cool about this although I ask mothers to wait with the make-up artist rather than watch the session in the body of the studio. Chatting to her mother, I learnt from her that the model was unhappy with the shape of her breasts. Her mother was keen for the photo sessions to provide an opportunity to for the model to feel better about her body, particularly her breasts. Again, two sessions with her friend resulted in these images; they succeeded in changing her self-image and her mother was delighted.

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