Meet: Lily


Date of shoot: 30th March 2012

Blimey, what a week!

I was fortunate enough to had some photography equipment donated to me last week, so for my shoot with Lily I said “hey, let’s play with the green screen and see what happens”.

Boy, does that lead to a lot of post-shoot work!

I normally like to try and get my photos out to models in the next day or two, but it’s been almost a week this time – apologies, Lily!

There’s some cool stuff there though – I actually quite like some of the effects you can get when you play around. I’m sure Lily will hate some of the more colourful ones though – again, apologies!

I’ve obviously been ‘experimenting’ with GIMP as I’ve done this, so forgive me if some are a little too ‘creative’…

As always, a big shout out and thank you to my model who willingly gave her time and space, a pleasure and a joy to work with :)

Drop me a line and let me know what you think,

Sam x

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