Project: Country Girls Project

Country Girls Project

Very much inspired by the London Girls Project (, looking to extend his fantastic work outside of London.

The project is all about those sexy girls you see in pubs and walking down the street, especially those lounging in the sun on village greens. How much would it take to get them to show you their underwear? To strip off? To show you their most intimate parts – maybe even show you their skills in the sack? To take your cum in their mouth – and swallow it?

Our mission is to find out – to shoot amateur photos and videos of ‘girls next door’; girls who Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing.

There are plenty of girls who look obviously porn-y doing porn on the web. We’re not interested in that. We want to find ‘normal’ women with a hidden side, who are testing their own limits be appearing naked in the web or giving a stranger a blow-job. Some, for obvious reasons, like to keep their face partially hidden, but maybe that shyness / shame makes it even sexier?

It’s up to you where your limits are, and all boundaries will be respected. Maybe the sexiest ones will be the ones that don’t even go very far, for whom showing their breasts is a massive taboo-breaker. We’ll see.

If you are a first-time model and would like to appear, or have any questions about how it all works, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Also interested to hear any feedback or requests that viewers of this project might have.

Enjoy yourselves,

Sam x


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