Silent sex


I’ve been chatting with Julia for several months now and we’ve been teasing each other mercilessly. It’s been fun – innuendo, dares, shared fantasies, promises – that kind of thing.

Then, suddenly, it got very real last week.

Here’s what I sent her:

So… I ring your doorbell…
You open the door and wave me inside…
You close the door…
You turn around and kiss me…
As we kiss, you push my shorts to the floor…
Then you push my pants to the floor…
You stop kissing me and move your mouth around my cock…
Not a word has been spoken…

And here’s what happened:

So… I ring your doorbell…

Before we get to that, I thought you might like to hear some more of our pre-meet conversation…

Me: “Would you do that? Blow me without even a hello?”
Her: “It’s giving me goosebumps when I think about this ;)”
Her: “So I think I want to do it this way ;)”
Me: “Silence then, until you have my cock in your mouth… ;)”

Her: “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.”

Her: “I’m actually shaking ;)”

Her: “OMG what am I doing ?? ;)”

I found her place pretty easily and knocked on the door. Inside, I heard shuffling followed by the click of a light switch. Her muted shape became visible behind the frosted glass.

You open the door and wave me inside…

She opened the door and greeted me with a super cheeky smile, mouthing “oh my god” as she did so. I mouthed a “hello” in return and stepped inside.

You close the door…

I found myself in the hallway of a girl I’ve just met. For a  second it felt strangely odd that we weren’t speaking, but at the same time it was super exciting.

You turn around and kiss me…

Not that I had much time to think about it – before another second passed her tongue was in my mouth. That was extremely hot; I loved that she was so keen and up for it.

Julia was a great kisser too – soft and sensual, but eager and searching. She tasted sweet – a little like cherries.

There was lots of open-eyed kissing too – perhaps as a way of communicating in the silence? It felt very intimate.

Needless to say, I was already hard.

As we kiss, you push my shorts to the floor…

We kissed for what seemed like ages, running our hands over each other and exploring.

Then, whilst looking me in the eye, she put her fingers inside the waistband of my shorts and pushed over my hips.

We haven’t even said “hello” to each other and she’s undressing me. Fuck.

Then you push my pants to the floor…

The kissing does not stop; neither do the hands. She runs them up my bare thighs, over my bum and finally, thankfully, across my crotch. A shiver runs down my spine.

I remove my top and throw it over the bannister, leaving me almost naked in a stranger’s hallway. She smiles – so sassy and so knowing. Her eyes flicker lower and she pushes my pants to the ground.

Now I’m naked (except for my shoes, which is somehow erotic). My cock jumps up, of course, and she cups it in her hands immediately. Her hands are slightly chilled and they feel amazing as she fondles my balls and strokes my shaft.

You stop kissing me and move your mouth around my cock…

Without a moments hesitation she drops to her knees and hungrily takes my cock in her mouth. She’s a genuinely keen cock sucker, enjoying immensely the feel of my cock in her mouth and the pleasure it’s giving me. I love how she licks my balls.

I know she likes having her hair pulled, so I take a handful as I push my cock in and out of her mouth… in and out… in and out… She’s pretty accommodating… ;)

Not a word has been spoken…

I love the excitement of this whole scenario – silent sex; fucking without speaking. It played out exactly as we had discussed – to the l-e-t-t-e-r.

Can’t wait for our next meeting – I have p-l-a-n-s… ;)

And then:

We only had vague intentions from there on in – we’d discussed having sex on the stairs, so – breaking the silence – I asked her to strip for me. It seemed only fair.

She was a little nervous (yes, still!), but undressed as my eyes eagerly explored her body. Very nice, by the way.

She sat on the fourth step and opened her legs as far as she could (given the width of the stairs) and I found my way inside her wet pussy. She felt warm and welcoming, cushioning and squeezing my delighted cock.

I pulled her hair again and fucked her as hard as I could. We kept slipping down the stairs, but it was fun. Apparently (she told me later) her back took the brunt of the encounter and provided a ‘painful’ reminder of our meeting the following day.

Unfortunately she was ‘on’, so I was not able to lick her beautiful pussy, so we moved back into the hallway for more oral for me. Shame! She sucked me harder and faster until I couldn’t take any more and came in her mouth. It was swallowed before I had even calmed down.


Sadly, Julia did not want any photos taken of the event, so I don’t have any images to share this time. Hopefully the story above goes some way to letting you ‘picture’ the experience?

Maybe she’ll let me take some when we next meet… ?

Sam x

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